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definition :[edit]

Abstraction is a metacognition process with huge links to process philosophy. It represents how all is in flux–it represents change as the cornerstone of existence.[1]

In other words, an abstraction is a representation. The amount of information represented = level of abstraction. All information can be considered to be abstracted by an abstraction node. Abstraction is a process via an abstraction node. The end result is an abstraction, or a meme. A change in abstraction is a change in the abstraction process which is the cognition process.

The movement from idea => ideology is abstraction. Difference in perception is difference in abstraction. see : qualia

Abstraction => inner simulation of representation.

"Abstract" is a multi-ordinal term. It has many meanings, many levels of meaning. [2]

Objects are abstracts: they are not the things they represent. Though distinct from objects, abstractions are also abstracts–abstracted versions of the information that they represent.

abstraction and ability[edit]

Truth and thus philosophy may be beyond sense itself.

Working with the abstract requires high abstracting ability. Once you realise that evolution of human consciousness worked along side the manipulation of memes, one cannot ignore biological anthropomorphism (link/explanation?).

The manipulation of memes dovetails with language games.


The ability to manipulate memes is the ability to abstract them and willfully control them; it is related to the higher order effects of self-authorship.

Note to self : new tech => new abstractions => new meme => memeplex => ideology–how industrial revolution lead to communism. Note to self ii : dialectic and theory making are abstraction processes constantly being remapped in the process of abstraction. See also : machine languages and abstraction levels are inherent; a similar mechanism can be applied to the notion of memetics.

To say that some mathematical concepts were formed by 'abstraction' from experience only displaces the problem, for we still don't know how this process of abstraction is supposed to work. http://www.philosophica.ugent.be/fulltexts/43-4.pdf

note to self: communication: abstraction: memetic: curse of knowledge

Feedback loop[edit]

Minds' eye: language is the representation of transfer of meaning. (Also look into semantic webs -> linear). Children do not know that others may not know something they do. Language evolving -> meme  = window. language is constantly evolving, abstracting. Abstraction is a means of ordering information–a sorting via entropy that turns what is useful into memes and discards the rest, as it doesn't have impact to the host, as per our definition. Abstraction creates a connection–a tether–between different memes. Think of all forms of things that submit information to you. They are an abstraction through that specific node. Yet, what has also arisen? More exposure of these nodes and more nodes. What has resulted ? More abstraction: you cant distinguish what is true and false as easily. 

This is a positive feedback loop.

If all things are in flux, this then affects how everything is ordered and disordered and exists on a plane of entropy itself–everything is both abstract and concrete, both corporeal and non corporeal. Humans via evolution exist alongside other systems; evolution is a feedback/process based loop. Abstraction is also a process based loop. Culture is not even a thing. However, there are cultural artifacts: things that are produced by certain "cultural" ways of thinking. But no one shares the exact same notion of a thing. Only your own version and abstraction of that shared cultural artifact and notion: a choice. It is embedded into human psyche: evolutionary psychology; tribal warfare; kinship; religion; bonding over non-corporeal things–Deus homo by noah yuval harari or something talks about it. We are social animals.

These are memes.

We abstract memes.

Understanding this allows you to take things as they are, rather than digesting and regurgitating a selected history of your own choosing (i.e grievance studies). You can see clearly, think for yourself, and not give in to group think. You can possess sovereignty over your own mind! This also can be applied to what identitarians refer to as culture–a thing they pick and choose, much like religion, these days. Its another commodity, like a fashion trend, to be worn with convenience. You are not your culture! This also ties in with being able to control memes, vs being controlled by memes.

artefacts = corporeal objects

Nothing is the way it appears: it is abstraction. All are abstracted memes. How you change: Your environment changes you, and you change your environment. You can consider it a type of strange loop: self-perpetuating. These high levels of abstraction produce an interesting mental model–one of our favourites.