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Abstraction, High level

From Memetics

Korzybski talks about high-order abstractions—such as many of those alluded to above—and low-order abstractions. Usually a order of abstraction that is an abstraction of another abstraction.

For instance the realm of the description goes into the more non corporeal territory. Economics for instance is a higher order abstraction, there is no object that is economics, yet it is a term to describe a fluid field of information which as a memeplex depends on many other abstractions, going even higher would be an application and abstraction of the term economics into say, the libidinal economy, the libidnal economy is an abstraction of the economy, which itself is an abstraction of a process or concept. Since memetics is reflexive, all of the abstraction layers can be compounded into memes, despite their complexity level. the resolution of which is affected by their abstraction node, for instance truth is a meme, yet memes do not care for truth.