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An idea or unit of culture that is difficult to spread, thus the opposite of memes, which replicate by spreading.

An anti-meme is best understood as an idea that is soon lost, such as the common phenomena of forgetting a dream after awakening. It is possible to spread anti-memes through different methods, such as repeated exposure, mnemonic methods, etc. Anti-memes are often (but not always) a result of the brain not being optimized to remember something. One could consider mathematics to have anti-memetic properties, and for those to have aptitude to have a higher "anti-memetic resistance".

A quasi antimeme is not close on the spectrum to antimeme

i think scale would be good to delineate : anti meme is a memeplex

more likely to be K -selected

which creates a stable growth rate

as all traits, degree to prevalence of traits, is a degree itself.

insert streisand effect[edit]