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Auto-toxic meme

From Memetics

Auto-toxic memes are any self-damaging memes for the hosts.

Highly auto-toxic memes are usually self-limiting because they promote the destruction of their hosts (such as the Jim Jones meme; any military indoctrination meme-complex; any "martyrdom" meme). (GMG) (See exo-toxic.)

It could be all memes have some spillover effect, and are all social contagions by their very nature.

Not to be confused as damaging for the Self or Ego which are just memes also.

Highly auto-toxic memes are self-limiting if they promote the destruction of their hosts at a greater rate than they propagate from host to host. Suicide cult memes are good examples, especially where the entire cult wipes itself out at a particular time.

Certain types of military indoctrination and 'martyrdom' meme-complexes can become auto-toxic, although in many cases the meme can spread despite the death of the host(s), and may in fact increase in strength after the host's death.