From Memetics

A culture is a set of ideas that make their holders to behave alike in some way (David Deutsch, The Beginning of Infinity)

A culture of memeplexes

Can be considered to be a memetic environment in and of itself of many smaller fractal memes. if we are to set theory in relation to a heirarchy and different viable layers of abstraction, then a high order of abstraction, contains a multitude of memes. and the distance and resolution of these ideas would vary in relation to how close or distant those abstractions are. for instance the notion that you could create a meme referring to a larger subset of memeplex such as a culture is indeed possible which shows that memetics is not bounded by linear thinking. for instance you can refer to a larger memeplex of say, indian culture, and it itself would be a meme. in this specific example. the resolution would be sacrificed as the concept of indian culture itself is larger than any one instantaneous thought.