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As a parallel to epigenetics, epimemetics are additional memes that apply selector forces.

Epigenetics: Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene function that do not involve changes in the DNA sequence. ("on top of" or "in addition to")

Epimemetics: Epimemetics is the study of principles and mechanisms that are used by memes to actively select other memes, on top of the natural meme vectors in the medium.


- Scientific method, as an epimeme, used to select memes in the scientific body based on experimentation, observation and consensus.

- Vaccime :: Memetic inoculation and security patches - a epimeme that selects for other memes (especially self-damaging ones for hosts)

- Luddite-ism: reject all memes pertaining to advanced technology.

- Math is another epimeme

- Numbers are subset of memes.[1]

- Math has inbuilt Epimemes (Memetic selectors) such as logic, truth et al

- Intramemetic selection allows for a type of meme eugenics and selective selection along these epimemetic selectors (See how religions conserve their belief at the expense of other beliefs)