From Memetics

The study of epimemetic selectors.

Intramemetic selection allows for a type of meme eugenics and selective selection along these epimemetic selectors

study is more lamarckian

and that epimemetics => memetics => epigenetics => genetics

see also : epimeme

if memetic expressions are to change brain pathways, via entropy paths and methylation

epi-psychology (subset of evolutionary psychology and game theory, notion of costs) environment affects phenotypes and brain patterns/(methylation) => which effect psychology => thus is a subset of memetics.[1]

from Russel Wright : The axiom of epimemetic theory is derived from multidisciplinary conclusions about mathematical recursion (or recursive embeddedness) as it relates to emergence theory and Robert Lanza’s BioCentric Universe Theory. The meta-theory of epimemetics was first proposed in 2011 by technology inventor Russell Wright of Epimemetics LLC and was approved as a default domain and topic in the Freebase fact archive in 2014.[2]