Evolutionary biocybernetics and memetics

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stemming from the paper and page on biocybernetics.

one could use the model of pre memetics, (need to add a page if there isnt already one, or on protomemes, someone check this please if you are reading retroactively) between the evolution of man and pre-man, the animal. i am not saying man is not an animal. what this page is trying to illustrate is that man himself entered a new cybernetic feedback loop when he discovered or invented depending on your view of memetics and innovation. this new feedback loop was much faster, infact each new technological paradigm shift accelerated these feedback loops, each new technolgical paradigm shift created a new force multiplier effect. so my conclusion to build on this framework and to elaborate the details of this is that language or memes rather created new accelerated cybernetic loops. ofcourse the dynamics of which can vary intra-meme-space. different memes having different reproduction strategies and different technologies differentiating the differing speeds of reproduction and spread of such memes. this brings us to our modern day dilemma of increasing socio-cultural tension, again if you read my other works on memetics this is due to increasing barraging of memes and them having a huge effect on our psyche both individual and collective. Evolutionary biocybernetics