Evolutionary memetics

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genetics and memetics co evolve.

Technological external components have evolved along side humans. We love our tools. It shapes our language. our tools are in a feedback loop. Information is transformed(abstracated) by the medium.

Evolution of tech is also evolution of memetic transference.

see also archaic memes

these memes as memetic tools, created a system feedback loop, from meta languages and language games, they also were a epigenetic selector.

also relates to sociability, tribalism and ingroup creation. Coming to the conclusion that lad banter and in group forming on friends is a way bond building and sport like conflict without physical cost.

Intellectual hierarchy placement via power dynamics. Who can troll who hardest.

how sport replaced warfare. Banter replaces sport. Intellectual sharpening of banter and constant interaction in terms of social manipulation.

Leads to higher social intelligence.

You need to know or be able to pick up how different people communicate and translate into how they will be best able to understand.

This is has also lead me to the conclusion that dark triad traits are just traits. And show social intelligence.

Also fits in with the punctuated equilibrium work on how different societal revolutions selected for different trsits.

Sociopathy may have been beneficial.

see more on language games : https://memetics.miraheze.org/wiki/Meta_language#language%20games%20&%20meta%20language%20games