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memetics  :

on attractors and essays on memetics

connectomes : modules^ pathways^ "It provides the ability to discriminate individual differences in location, size, and topology of cortical areas and to link them to behavioral and genetic underpinnings. Of course, the methodology remains at this point largely theoretical and experimental, but a future of practical application seems likely." as opposed to localisation, differences in pathways

fractal layes of abstraction :

related to abstraction : Dion Fortune, Machinery of the Mind .pdf!KfJUCCoB!GZK-5krqFCXtEnG18iijYw1YGclQES9rlL39SfnSpuY from anna :

mapping of brain signals

related to memetics see : lamarkian

intro to connectomes :

notes to self : thoughts vs memes, set theory and subsets.