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From Memetics

From late semiotic theory and used by the post structuralists.[1]

In German, Innenwelt refers to the "inner world"; in Lacan's usage, it contrasts with the Umwelt--"environment" or "surroundings"-- to suggest the mental experience of "interiority" that accompanies the "I" formed in the mirror stage. This Innenwelt sometimes manifests itself in dreams through images of fortresses and other protected, enclosed spaces.[2]

It is related to the concepts of the imago, which provides its imaginary boundaries, and of the fragmented body, which constitutes a perpetual threat to the vulnerable interior space of the body the "I" occupies.

The innenwelt, can relate to the internal bias mechanisms which shape selections of memes. a form of selection bias, which can relate to the inner reality tunnel that is behind the notion of subjectivity, this innenwelt can result in differing abstractions