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Similar to Archaic Memes, language as concept requires a concept itself. We suppose to replace this notion of language with the function of meme, a more amorphous term; a concept is thus a meme.


A concept is a meme that sets out to describe other memes. All words have meanings attached; drawing from the structuralist school, these are better thought of as memes–it must be pointed out that language itself is a concept which is itself a meme. A meme is information. Language is a representation of meaning and a meaning is an abstraction of a meme. As humans proliferated, so did languages, and the memes they abstract.

Language as a set of hidden inferences, As talked about Yudkowsky, on LessWrong[1], language is a representational abstraction of memes.

Language is communication of information. Language is a memetic tool, that utilises many other tools of communication how would one invent a meta tool to convey what it means to convey this is a paradox[2] see : paradox of self consciousness by jose luis bermudez

Language is to the mind as light is to the eye. - Gibson.[3]

from : "The solution is to understand words as hidden inferences – they refer to a multidimensional correlation rather than to a single cohesive property. So for example, we have the word “strength”, which combines grip strength and arm strength (and many other things). These variables really are heavily correlated (see the graph above), so it’s almost always worthwhile to just refer to people as being strong or weak. I can say “Mike Tyson is stronger than an 80 year old woman”, and this is better than having to say “Mike Tyson has higher grip strength, arm strength, leg strength, torso strength, and ten other different kinds of strength than an 80 year old woman.” This is necessary to communicate anything at all and given how nicely all forms of strength correlate there’s no reason not to do it."

a memetic tool[edit]

Technological external components have evolved along side humans. We love our tools. It shapes our language. our tools are in a feedback loop. Information is transformed(abstracated) by the medium.

Evolution of tech is also evolution of memetic transference.

from the above paper "The results demonstrate that language can be grounded in embodied simulations and cognitive processes, corroborating"

this shows memes can exist in computer simulations

human evolution, information theory and memetics converge

memetics as space : " Gärdenfors (2014), concepts are mathematical structures which fully represent the meaning of words."

"object categories"

the wording is not used of memes, but it does touch upon "memespace"

cite :

memes and thus languages can exist as memeplexes and topologies. complexity theory being applied to language dynamics[4] bottom up emergence of both memetics and genetics being refined and selected for better meme abstraction ability, thus one can say language as a subset of memetics co evolved.


Technological external components have evolved along side humans. We love our tools. It shapes our language. our tools are in a feedback loop. Information is transformed(abstracated) by the medium. Evolution of tech is also evolution of memetic transference.

see also archaic memes

Memetic selection[edit]

these memes as memetic tools, created a system feedback loop, from meta languages and language games, they also were a epigenetic selector. also relates to sociability, tribalism and ingroup creation. Coming to the conclusion that lad banter and in group forming on friends is a way bond building and sport like conflict without physical cost. Intellectual hierarchy placement via power dynamics. Who can troll who hardest. how sport replaced warfare. Banter replaces sport. Intellectual sharpening of banter and constant interaction in terms of social manipulation.

Leads to higher social intelligence.

You need to know or be able to pick up how different people communicate and translate into how they will be best able to understand. This is has also lead me to the conclusion that dark triad traits are just traits. And show social intelligence. Also fits in with the punctuated equilibrium work on how different societal revolutions selected for different trsits. Sociopathy may have been beneficial.

see more on language games :

weaponised memes[edit]

weaponised language is the weaponisation and manipulation of memes. just as violence transmits information, language can also transmit similar information. Not only is violence itself a form of communication. Punching someone will convey a message. As will an atomic bomb on civilian population. Language itself can contain power dynamics and violence and what is known as "frame" also affects : Biopower & biopolitics. I think is better understood through the guise of biological realism.

The notion that biology is not memetic (social constructionism) and determined genetically. Another display of biopower would be rape as a tool of war

general semantics[edit]

ive long theorised about the physics of general semantics

and notion of an extended environment, everything that is outside your biological sense is an environment down to clothes and consumer choices, fits in with semiotic theory of "umwelt", can thoughts shape your world ?

more on language

each word is an idea, each word embodies an abstract concept, even a concept is a concept. your language is a reflection in some regards as to your thought processes. if you want to learn more on language and how they are a reflection of concepts and ideas

Language and words are essentially representations of memes

and how they then thus evolve

read more here

meta language[edit]

that which manipulates information and proliferation of information can be considered a language or a memetic tool

see : meta aesthetics => aesthetics (meta language) => language (meta communication) => communication => memes.[5]