Law of Leaky Abstractions

From Memetics

All non-trivial abstractions, to some degree, are leaky.[1]

memes are amorphous. All memes are leaky abstractions. Amorphous. Aesthetics can be seen as a leaky abstraction of a collection of memes. Those can be seen as signals. if aesthetics is to be known as a leaky abstraction of communication and signalling as a whole, then it would be suffice to think of aesthetics as a meta language. if meta language, then to expand even more on Wittgenstein, it would have its own "game". this is due to definitions of memes, of concepts, changing and mutating. as time goes on it is inevitable that these will change. and as they proliferate, the amount of abstractions that are had will also change

Leaky abstractions are the cause of much frustration - they do not properly hide away all the complexity of the system they are covering. Unfortunately every abstraction is leaky to some degree[2]

The problem of fuzzy definitions. As you can understand, mind and reality are hard to define, many have tried, many still try. Try to define a meme without referring to itself or strange loops.

Definitions are changing, chaos increases, look how much our language has changed, & within our lifetimes, see there is an acceleration. Due to the increased memetic velocity of a new subtrate of memes that is social media, crowd dynamics are more non linear.

Not only temporally, but also geographically, memes and there definitions are increasingly originating in one place and extrapolating into another, we have words such as “normcore”(old [couple years]), “normie”, “incel” and NPC, not to mention the most famous of internet speech, LOL. fyi, LOL satisfies the lindy criteria under the fractal lindy heuristic as explained here. Ican has cheezeburger deserves its own cybergrave in a cybercemetary for outdated and replaced memes.

Memetic Drift affects words and meanings and thus definitions, thus to truly understand the other person, one must to borrow a phrase, understand where they are coming from. to understand their frames of reference. This would allow a better transfer of information, of meanings and of memes.[3]

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