Memetic anti-virulence

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Memetic Anti-Virulence.

Antivirulence is the concept of blocking virulence factors.[1] In regards to bacteria, the idea is to design agents that block virulence rather than kill bacteria en masse, as the current regime results in much more selective pressure (on antibiotic resistance).

Fits in highly with the Vaccime term.

humility begets self-doubt, and therefore loosens the grip of the currently hosted memes.

Memes more loosely held. (strong opinions loosely held) - less NPC-ism

Increases the intercranial memepool

In searching to find ways to build up an immunity to the influence of memes one should do well in understanding their main input sources.

To build a vaccine the tools are always the same (this is a lie).

- A Mind to learn and unlearn

- Mentors who help, Fool who dispel illusion

- Do your own research

- Connect the dots

- Walk the path less traveled

- Break boundaries to grow