memetic gravity [1] Speed is related to the perception of time. Gravity. Is related to how much velocity a meme can generate. Made worse still in hyper connected modernity

Dennett talks about narrative gravity and the self as a center of narrative gravity[2].

related to memespace as a topology, which acts as a space, these planes are abstractions. also related to the attention economy, where there is a certain gravity as defined by level of entropy. this is related to memetic entropy low entropy memes will have a higher gravity as they are easier to abstract. applied the concept of entropy to neuroscience and thus neuroplasticity and the creation of habits and the shaping of brain

memes are non euclidean in a sense and exist in a self referential manner which makes measurement so difficult. see : memetic metrics

memetic gravity <=> memetic entropy

Is this why isolated groups Gain their own linguistic traits When their brains become a hive and intra-communicate ? due to memetic drift

see : memetic linguistics

memepool edit

the collective unconscious

can also be described by a memepool

memepool in theory could be mapped and thus create a topology this ideological topology (memes are ideas(some are ideologies) mapped semantically)

thus then this memepool ideological topology, would have areas that have higher density, areas that are more "heavy". I call these either poles or pyramids (of power) poles due to the nature of dense high entropy memes, they become a mind virus = change mental models of reality these memetic areas of increased gravity, would also be related to narrative gravity, attraction to certain types of memes and narratives.

once caught into their gravity well would need high entropy to get out of. Think how encroaching capitalism is we collectively stuck in the memetic gravity well of capitalism (communism too)- polar regions why i like notion of poles

so this mental model of a 3d map of a memepool shows visually (diagram abstraction) effect of increased complexity

due to some high gravity, low entropy memes that take over some minds, they are prone to be stuck in 1st order reasoning, "all X are like that" blanket statements. are our minds merely traversing a non corporeal 3d memepool environment ? sounds like a stupid question, due to other factors such as exposure, availability, other embedded memes in nodes, environment, technology, genetic components links w/ memetic entropy

the bleeding edge of the memeosphere, to exist on this periphery of memespace(3d extrapolation of memepool)

one must keep pushing forward, it is now easier than ever to create your own niche, your own territory of the memespace to colonise and make your own, and grow, the bleeding edge = memetic quasar, gravity of other memes, accrue and create new memeplexes, complex organisms

next step would be to create memetic gravity centers which then in turn create and spawn their own topological non-corpo-reality which propagates via vector of memes' nodes. via memetic injection through artifacts or agents.

the increase in entropy and size and the leading up to increasing gravity creates a information feedback loop. then it reaches critical mass and a inflection point.

memes tend to meme plex,

then meme plexes tend to become their own topologies, hence non euclidean.

Memetic topologies within their own space.

And then a 3D Mandelbrot to show the side spawning.

Also can link to Memetic gravity. Which I still need to formulate. Would be linked to velocity speed and no. Abstraction nodes.

over exposure edit

over exposure increases gravity, as you increase entropy into the meme see concept : memepool exposure, note another word for meme pool may be memeosphere or ideosphere, brings into question the notion of infonauts ? see also the collective unconscious[3] our collective network intelligence the (un)wisdom of crowds ?

see also bias in narrative gravity and [mmetic entropy]][4]

related to memetic drift edit

he sent out a meme it went out=> wider environment more people got exposed to it

meme => morphed made a thread to explain how increase in nodes => increase meme volatility

as the meme gains entropy, it is further spread, as it is further spread it abstracts with more amount of abstraction nodes this increases the amount of information it may hold.

memetic velocity edit

meme volatility => memetic velocity

how to quantify memetic velocity via virality

problem not a closed system someone can be influenced "infected" by a meme and not interact


memetic entropy injection required see memedrive a call to action