Memetic time dilation

From Memetics

memetic time dilation of a low entropy medium (low entropy = faster iteration, more velocity)

the internet was a Cambrian explosion for memes

how quick does internet culture evolve why are there no more memes about HARAMBE ?

1 year in meat space = 10 years in cyber space[1]

accelerates into oblivion

also works with larger memeplexes aka ideologies or religions

think of internet religions => mgtow, redpill, vegan youtube, music scene,commies, ancaps et al how quickly it mutates how these "trends" change and followers change

can argue :

internet = more sub cultures populism = increasing

/\ node contact => memetice velocity how quick memes spread or able to spread

all idea transmission is increasing it self

see number of films produced 100 years ago to how much self replicating video content there is now in the form of snap chat stories and indie films

fractal lindy : expanding notion of Lindy to domain specificity

in "new" field/memeplex older INTRA-practice = more Lindy, than newer practices in domain

abbreviation of "lol" => more Lindy as it started near eve of post-internet culture

caveat: lindy meme =/= lindy memeplex