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how you change your environment changes you and you change your environment

consider it a type of strange loop, self perpetuating.

high levels of abstraction.

but an interesting mental model. - one of my favourites

memes = tools

in that they are technology and a tool is a metameme and a epimeme in that a tool must have a function, in order to proliferate the notion of the meme.

A weapon is a tool. But welded with ideology it can become a symbol, that far transcends its original intended use.

Another tool in some regards.

(Corporeal + memetic)

How memes can become technology. if they are used as a memetic tool .

more on environment and the concept of the umwelt as per last thread

theory on how you perceive your environment

biology -> mind -> perception -> respond to stimuli

biology affects our umwelt, which affects abstraction ability

humans have their own umwelt

we dont see ultraviolet or infrared or hear infra or ultra sonic sounds.

some cant sense where north is

and some cant see some colours.

i personally believe this extends to mental capabilities, currently researching into abstraction

this affects memes.

and if language is to represent memes

language is a memetic tool

Tools manipulate environments. Man overcomes all. All around you are tools.

You are an environment onto yourself.

Creating references to yourself. These references and these vectors of relations can be manipulated for a desired result. manipulation of imbued meaning

see also cognitive technology

external environments[edit]

as you abstract, by components in your mindware, thus memes are essentially can be external.

anything external to you has : - psyhchological utility - can be thought of as a tool - is your environment


people, fam, tech, literature, "culture", all exposure

can be thought as either environment or tool

and tools *ought* to be used to be useful and provide value

this also fits in with how language can be thought of as a tool

language affects how you think

word = idea

ideas shape brain

you use certain concepts more, you build more brain connections


you change the shape of your brain, through how you use it via environment[1]

your memetic environment can reflect back and influence you.

so as time goes on your environment will inevitably effect you you travel through the vector of time, responding to environmental cues

and as you get older, you either accumulate baggage or you get better.

positive feedback = getting better negative feedback = baggage