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Meta language

From Memetics


that which manipulates information and proliferation of information can be considered a language or a memetic tool

see : meta aesthetics => aesthetics (meta language) => language (meta communication) => communication => memes.[1]

meta language = epimeme

if aesthetics is to be known as a leaky abstraction of communication and signalling as a whole, then it would be suffice to think of aesthetics as a meta language.

if meta language, then to expand even more on Wittgenstein, it would have its own "game"

"The human gaze has a power of conferring value on things; but it makes them cost more too" - Ludwig Wittgenstein.

What is "value" here? My interpretation would be in evolutionary lens. Physiological(biological) value & utility. The abstracted meme as a utility of information.

"meta-aesthetics": acceptance of postmodernism would refer to the notion of subjectivity & the underpinnings of that which would be physiological differences in aesthetic orientation via abstraction

see more here :

language games & meta language games

language games are Darwinian in the way that they effect sexual selection

this ties back into game theory and evolution

games reinforce tribalism, and tribalism reinforces games,

tribalism as an emergent solution to hierarchy and group selection

Philosophy and shitposting

Domains of social language games.

Social games are Darwinian.

group selection relies : communication for coordination communication = reliant on memes (concepts) language games => intra-group-selection

nodes communicate, when there is a surplus of nodes language games "emerge"

paper on evo psych & complex systems :