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In the field of memetics, a metameme (or meta-meme) is defined as a meme about a meme. A metaphor or the idea of memetic engineering are, thus, metamemes. The concept of memes has been referred to as "The Metameme".

Some other metamemes of interest include the meme tolerance and memeplexes.

meta-meme Any meme about memes (such as: "tolerance", "metaphor"). Meta memes act as selectors in a similar way epimemes do. [1]

Literally MetaMeme is the meme about memes; one layer above, or the transcendent meme. The impact of memes is a powerful force witnessed everywhere consciousness exists; from language, agriculture, art and literature - to global communication, space exploration, and consciousness expansion. Looking at the bigger picture, one may understand how memetics can be used as a tool to influence evolution beyond genetic hardwiring. The course of our evolution can now be guided by thoughtful application of our genetic inheritance: INTELLIGENCE. [2]