Metasystem transition

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From the principia cybernetica

metasystem transition

is a proposed system evolution process.

Also proposed : evolution as a meta-system transition. A evolutionary feedback loop.

a good resource tha has updated this concept is the work done by complexity lab. which have also as a field evolved into non linear systems. and further complex systems theory.

principia cybernetica, diverges from complex adaptive systems and ventures into the notion of directedness.

this then delves in to automata studies, self organisation, chaos theory, game theory, second order cybernetics. as well as a host of computer based background thinking.

would lead from the application of cybernetics into : Ideas related to the domain of cybernetics and systems are used in the emerging "sciences of complexity", also called "complex adaptive systems", studying self-organization and heterogeneous networks of interacting actors (e.g. the work of the Fe Institute), and associated research in the natural sciences such as far-from-equilibrium thermodynamics, catastrophe theory, chaos and dynamical systems. A third strand are different high-level computing applications such as artificial intelligence, neural networks, man-machine interaction and computer modeling and simulation.[1]

Metasystem transition is a bottom-up approach in which complexity rises and organization is needed. Could be causes by the emergence of patterns in the upper levels who are more disorganized. These patterns that emerge can be used to facilitate organization and order, thus creating a new uper layer on top.

Complexity rises in a non-linear fashion due to iterations and innovation. Once the "ceiling" is reached, either a new layer of complexity is added or chaos ensues, as it is unsustanable. I imagine it like a game where you build blocks to reach a ceeiling under a specific time. If you reach the ceiling with a good base, a new layer can be added on top. If not, the game restarts (chaos, extinction).