Perceptive force

From Memetics

There are two aspects, the input and output. The input consists of the 5 senses, kinesthetic sensing of limb orientation and bodily status. It’s also possible that organic structures can sense quantum stimuli.[1]

"The perceptive Force is upstream to the strong force. By upstream I mean that memories are etched from perception. Although the summation of life experience takes place throughout the brain to create a complete scheme, the perceptive corresponds to the third neurological circuit, centered in the linguistic area of the left hemisphere. Indeed, human language is a relatively new tool of consciousness, and stories are semantic simulations of reality. Lower beings don’t have “words,” for concepts like sustenance and danger, but nevertheless their consciousness recognizes the conditions of hunger and fear categorically and as clearly as the wind against their skin or through their leaves. Only the silver tongued homosapien was able to fabricate a linguistic reality to aid domination of physical reality."

"Somehow, your body maintains an active field of consciousness that is constantly inspected and regarded inside your mental simulation while also perceivable by other conscious beings. That is to say that your presence and aura extends into a Supra-physical plane. The hypertime processing of stimuli and action prep constitute the majority of consciousness and hence this force field."

the above quote is from this essay i would say it is a similar type of experience to what is being described by prediction in consciousness where by states of mind or time frames of a mind, expect and simulate fututre scenarios. this can be learnt from conditioning, knowledge seemingly comes from experience or Archaic Memes, where the conditioning and learnt meme has become so embeded into the neuro-biology it is there permenantly. again evolution works on ruin avoidance and shifts in competitive advantage. so even prediction fo mental states to current memes to future memes, memes being abstracted information here, can be both inbuilt and learnt.