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A abstracted version of meme. there can be a meme in the public domain, and different versions of the same meme both internally and externally. the difference between your meme and the social consensus of a meme similar to the phenomena of qualia

The memotype, or genotypic meme, has been defined as the cultural analogue of the genotype, whereas the phemotype , or phenotypic meme, would be the cultural analogue of the genetic phenotype.[1]

from blackmore[edit]

"A sticking point concerns the equivalent of the meme-phenotype or vehicle. This has plagued memetics ever since its beginning: some arguing that memes must be inside human heads while words, technologies and all the rest are their phenotypes, or “phemotypes”; others arguing the opposite. I disagree with both (Blackmore 1999, 2001).

By definition, whatever is copied is the meme and I suggest that, until very recently, there was no meme-phemotype distinction because memes were so new and so poorly replicated that they had not yet constructed stable vehicles. Now they have. "

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