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  • Community Interaction and Conflict on the Web[1]
  • memetic tribes[2]
  • Evolutionary Dynamics of Cultural Memes and Application to Massive Movie Data - “framework for capturing the details of the evolutionary dynamics in cultural systems on the "meme"- the cultural analog of the biological gene-level” [3]
  • Brain Evolution Through The Lens Of Parasite Manipulation by Marco del Giudice. [4]

MADRU/GRITCULT Resources :[edit]

Memetic tribes

legacy abstraction mind doc[5] - heavy on neuroscience


Darwinizing Culture: The Status of Memetics as a Science 1st Edition by Robert Aunger

Memetics: Memes and the Science of Cultural Evolution by Tim Tyler (good intro, good examples, good overview) - Read online

Metaphors we live by

meme machine - susan blackmore (good intro, good concept of temes)

selfish gene - dawkins

virus of the mind

from bacteria to bach - dennett (grit review - good, but not for beginners)

memes in digital culture (grit review : - meh)

evolution of everything - matt ridley (grit review - recc'd list)

metamagical themas - hofstader (grit review - recc list)

Art of Memetics :

Bookmarks[edit] | On Memetics: Memetic hazard | On Memetics: Memetics on Wikipedia | Memetics - Wikipedia | Talk:Memetics - Wikipedia | Memetics | Meme - Tool/Concept/Definition | Abstraction - Tool/Concept/Definition | Aaron Lynch (writer) - Wikipedia | Orion's Arm - Encyclopedia Galactica - Memetics | Memetics Links | Lynch-Thought_Contagion_as_Abstract_Evolution.pdf | Microsoft Word - Memetics-Heylighen&Chielens.doc | Memetics at | TheArtOfMemetics_PirateEdition.pdf | 0192632442 - Darwinizing Culture: the Status of Memetics as a Science - AbeBooks | Understanding Memetics - SCP Foundation | (PDF) On Selfish Memes | Principles, Techniques and Jobs on the topic of Changing Minds | Breaks down various ways of changing a mind or influencing a person to take a particular course of action | Topics: Arguments, Brand Management, Coaching, Communication, Counseling, Change Management, Game Design, Human Resources, Job-Finding, Leadership, Marketing, Negotiation, Networking, Politics, Propaganda, Psychoanalysis, Rhetoric, Sales, Sociology, Storytelling, Teaching, Warfare + Theories and Techniques | 1,600 page compendium on memetics compilled by Robotic Technology Inc for a DoD agency | Memetics by Richard Brodie, Source of info on memetics and links to other resources and publications

The science of memetics

The art of memetics summary webpage


alot of these defition dictionary systems are incomplete and outdated, part of the reason of the existence of The MADRU itself

  • add in context and summary to save future you from forgetting what each link is pls*

Youtube/Videos on memetics[edit]

Critical Analysis of Memes

from : jdconnors re. aesthetics : Arguments about the nature of concepts: Symbols, embodiment, and beyond