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  • Community Interaction and Conflict on the Web[1]
  • memetic tribes[2]
  • Evolutionary Dynamics of Cultural Memes and Application to Massive Movie Data - “framework for capturing the details of the evolutionary dynamics in cultural systems on the "meme"- the cultural analog of the biological gene-level” [3]
  • Brain Evolution Through The Lens Of Parasite Manipulation by Marco del Giudice. [4]

MADRU/GRITCULT Resources :[edit]

Memetic tribes

legacy abstraction mind doc[5] - heavy on neuroscience


Darwinizing Culture: The Status of Memetics as a Science 1st Edition by Robert Aunger

Memetics: Memes and the Science of Cultural Evolution by Tim Tyler (good intro, good examples, good overview) - Read online

Metaphors we live by

meme machine - susan blackmore (good intro, good concept of temes)

selfish gene - dawkins

virus of the mind

from bacteria to bach - dennett (grit review - good, but not for beginners)

memes in digital culture (grit review : - meh)

evolution of everything - matt ridley (grit review - recc'd list)

metamagical themas - hofstader (grit review - recc list)

Bookmarks[edit] | On Memetics: Memetic hazard | On Memetics: Memetics on Wikipedia | Memetics - Wikipedia | Talk:Memetics - Wikipedia | Memetics | Meme - Tool/Concept/Definition | Abstraction - Tool/Concept/Definition | Aaron Lynch (writer) - Wikipedia | Orion's Arm - Encyclopedia Galactica - Memetics | Memetics Links | Lynch-Thought_Contagion_as_Abstract_Evolution.pdf | Microsoft Word - Memetics-Heylighen&Chielens.doc | Memetics at | TheArtOfMemetics_PirateEdition.pdf | 0192632442 - Darwinizing Culture: the Status of Memetics as a Science - AbeBooks | Understanding Memetics - SCP Foundation | (PDF) On Selfish Memes | Principles, Techniques and Jobs on the topic of Changing Minds | Breaks down various ways of changing a mind or influencing a person to take a particular course of action | Topics: Arguments, Brand Management, Coaching, Communication, Counseling, Change Management, Game Design, Human Resources, Job-Finding, Leadership, Marketing, Negotiation, Networking, Politics, Propaganda, Psychoanalysis, Rhetoric, Sales, Sociology, Storytelling, Teaching, Warfare + Theories and Techniques | 1,600 page compendium on memetics compilled by Robotic Technology Inc for a DoD agency


alot of these defition dictionary systems are incomplete and outdated, part of the reason of the existence of The MADRU itself

  • add in context and summary to save future you from forgetting what each link is pls*

from : jdconnors re. aesthetics : Arguments about the nature of concepts: Symbols, embodiment, and beyond