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Semiotics : study of signs :: memetics : study of memes. What semiotics is to signs and the study of signs, memetics is to memes and the study of memes.

a sign can be a meme. but a meme is more than just a sign. ideologies and religions are forms of memes. they can also bleed into the corporeal realm, and create "artefacts", art, culture.

semiotics was later called structuralist, here is a paper on the interaction of structural semiotics and memetics[1]

from the above source : "Memes are powerful propagators of meanings, of practices, beliefs and their critique, and as such play a vital role in inventorying and categorizing our cultural memory. Susan Blackmore regards memes as “substrate-neutral” (1999: 11), however, as mindless events or algorithms based on the logics or syntax of procedure or even on an ‘innate’ universal grammar." [2]

hegel thought of structures however memetics is more pervasive

memetics and semiotics[3]

"reality is understood to be composed of fictions — semiotic terrains => perceptual, affective, and behavioral responses."[4]]

also see : umwelt