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From Memetics

FIRST. Sorry.

Types of memes!

Ways of transmitting information!

Gifs. Macros. Songs. Symbols.

Not exhaustive, but all key!

Words! Yes but that's been done before (See the field of linguistics)

How would we apply linguistics to memes?

What's a verb? What's a noun? etc etc etc

yehp see my thread on the memetics and linguistics

archive links

  • outlining MADRU long term emergent goals
  • journals and papers
  • research consolidation
  • memetic community outreach
  • merch
  • fundraising efforts
  • DAO governance research for open source charity projects for research units
  • ongoing IRL social experiments
  • kialo debate on memetics
  • we are hosts for memes website (evolved meta-meme intro for people)
  • zine
  • 2020 update: many projects on freeze, acknowledged re-prioritisation, fundraising will come later in the decade. memetic community is ongoing as is the wiki. there are many adjacent communities and people doing interesting research and thought, we would like to create more dialogue and cross seeding of thought and work.