update note : 05/01/2019 ive pondered this while in my shower, it seems as though people are not reading the onboarding document, this is my fault first and foremost, for not properly aligning and designing the system incentivisations. please rest assured, that i and a few others from @CULT mod the mods are working to tackle this problem. please read the onboarding document in the mean time, it is a living document and it continues to grow and spawn rhizomes. i am slowly creating a project management logic for decentralised autonomous organisations to follow, but you have to accept this is uncharted territory, i am relying on instinct and i am constantly researching and looking for ways to improve. if you have any questions regarding the organisation itself, please refer to #the-madru channel. the solutions we are implementing is a more structured way of collaborating, also remember this is very new, i started this a couple days after my last uni exam. so we are learning as we go along, very exciting times. an important distinction i have learnt is the notion that decentralisation is not horizontal, there should still exist a system of hierarchy in terms of projects, the projects are temporary, this combats against rent seeking of status and power, rhizomes = decentralised =/= horizontal, rhizomes still sprout and have a vertical aspect to them, in "projectspace" there needs to be someone who owns up to the mistakes. if this is frustrating to any one, i apologise, there are always growing pains. if anyone has any questions regarding the structure, or logic, or goals and aims, first and foremost check the document, but please do not hesitate to hit me up, personally. infact im going to start going through the document at regular intervals over voice chat, ive regularly been on the phone to many, and have scheduled more chats. decentralisation requires work and refinement. learning is a iterative process. POST SCRIPT : alot of tinkering, alot of research by doing.

GRIT™: @everyone progress update: -we have fleshed out the wiki, it is starting to form a body, its looking like a baby i wouldnt call ugly. -rhizomes and seeds are spawning, this is why knowledge capture is good in, the wiki doubles up as a place to open source field notes and research notes, my understanding on decentralised rhizome governance is growing and i would like to think i am gaining new insight - rhizome seeding, this is horizontal spinning off certain projects. - we are gaining interest from other institutions, they are interested in our experiment, more and more people are joining, more and more people are offering help and volunteering - we have gained resources, a possible mirror for the wiki and knowledge repository, and have more people looking into other aspects - network effects : we are gaining more interest and more people are willing to help, social capital of the MADRU :madru: is growing. - i am very very pleased with the direction and progress we are making, although i dont show it, its more a personal disposition to stoicism - any problem we have, defacto response : "GOOD!" - as per jocko, meaning lets just deal with it and move forward, always forward.

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